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Blatant Electioneering in Council Chamber-23 February 2011.

posted 14 Mar 2011, 17:48 by David Gilroy
NEWBODGE Leisure Portfolio Holder Cllr Anthony Rowlands has already started the LIBDEM Election Campaign with voting coming in District Council Elections on Thursday 5th May 2011. WIth blatantly political comments he accused a "minority"  of opposing what is now generally regarded as a  multi-million pound "White Elephant " or "Pig in a Poke" or a "Financial Poisoned Chalice".
We quote the Review Newspaper of 23rd February 2011:- 
“Speaking after a building contract was agreed with second-choice contractor Willmott Dixon, Councillor Anthony
Rowlands, portfolio holder for sport and leisure, said: "The signing is an important milestone in this major project which will dramatically increase the range etc etc"The Lib Dem administration has not been deflected by the vocal opposition of a small minority abetted by the opposition parties. Residents are wise enough to know that, left to the Tories and Labour, nothing would have happened. St Albans would have been left with an out of date, inadequate, energy inefficient, disabled unfriendly, costly to maintain and problem ridden facility.
“Thanks to Lib Dem perseverance, we will have a brand new public facility fit for the 21st Century. This is cause for celebration.”
Well Cllr Rowlands - PoolTooSmall has news for you! Milestone Cllr Rowlands - didn't you mean MILLSTONE? 
You are the minority and we will publish the facts again , please click here :-
And no, Cllr Rowlands , it's NOT cause for celebration - it's cause for a POST MORTEM!. Why - because the wretched  Main Pool , hardly bigger than the one provided in 1971 is DEAD IN THE WATER already! Project Manager Ms Simpson will be announcing to Cabinet soon how they are going to "manage " Main Pool Overload on opening because an incompetent IN HOUSE project team blundered big time with the NEWBODGE MAIN POOL size.
And then there is the small matter of why this NEWBODGE 25 metre facility is costing about £25 million and the excellent Luton Aquatic Centre has Olympic standard 50 metre pool and DIVING and all the extras for much the same!
And then there's the SPA , Cllr Rowlands , £3 million pounds worth of profligacy in a recession ?
Your "Roman Experience " is coming home to roost !
More - including why the incompetent IN HOUSE Project team is in a minority please click here