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Bricket Wood Disgrace-Hertsad 9th December 2010 - pg 13.

posted 9 Dec 2010, 04:18 by David Gilroy   [ updated 9 Dec 2010, 15:51 ]
We welcome Park Street resident Caroline Pomerance to our website as she puts the Council straight about the Bricket Wood fiasco.
SIR-Upon reading about the continuing huge cost of still maintaining the late-lamented Bricket Wood Leisure Centre , I can't say this came as a great surprise as I, and other people , were aware of this already . What an absolute disgrace this centre could still have been in use and could have brought in some extra revenue .
How about the council biting the bullet and re-opening it until the lease runs out?
CAROLE POMERANCE Park Street, St.Albans.
PoolTooSmall comments:- PoolTooSmall is NOT a political organisation and does not align itself  to any political party . We have no choice but to attempt to do business with whatever ruling faction is in power . The people get the rulers they deserve - incompetent NEW BODGE project team and support officers as well !