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posted 7 Jan 2011, 03:52 by David Gilroy
It may be Christmas but things are moving fast on the NEW BODGE site . PoolTooSmall welcomes back long time resident and former School Governor Mr Max Schroeder of Green Lane , St.Albans. In a letter in the Hertsad 23 December 2010 , he gives various Councillors of the current ruling faction on SADC what President Obama would describe as a good shellacking ! Coming in for the biggest helping is Cllr Sheila Burton the REAL mastermind behind the "Burton Blunder Bathing Pool" as Leisure Portfolio Holder from about 2004 - 2010. Coming second for criticism is Cllr Chris Brazier (in)famous for his NEW BODGE casting vote decision of April 2010.In a wide ranging letter Mr Schroeder pulls no punches . Read it in full at page 11 of 23 December 2010.
Turning to the picture on the left at Mud Lane , can it be that after the McNamara debacle of the last few weeks that the SADC IN HOUSE NEW BODGE project team has moved fast to restore confidence amongst the people of St.Albans?
Well yes- they have spelt BURTON'S BLUNDER correctly. But as Mr Schroeder says "We have the" BURTON BLUNDER BATHING POOL" costing £26 million plus and in no way supplying the needs of the St.Albans swimming community.
Thank God for the likes of David Gilroy and Mr Trevelyan (Civic Society) who are fighting the cause of both financial and popular need".
REVIEW Newspaper Hands PoolTooSmall a Review of the Year Accolade! 22 December 2010.
Looking back on Review stories of 2010: March .Anger erupted in early March over St Albans District Council's plans to rebuild Westminster Lodge sports centre. Under the title PoolTooSmall, a vigorous and well organised swimmers’ campaign argues that the proposed replacement is unambitious and ill designed to cope with long term demand in the St Albans area. Campaign leader David Gilroy said: “This is the only chance we have in 40 years to get it right and the council has got it wrong. The council is squandering money on a pool which is unfit for purpose.” The council responded that there would be more swimming area in total, albeit a smaller main pool, but the campaign, which won political support, persisted to the point of trying to deny the official scheme planning permission. By the end of the year the council’s chosen contractor had gone bust, although the authority insists its plans are unaffected.