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posted 1 Jan 2011, 14:21 by David Gilroy   [ updated 3 Jan 2011, 16:23 ]
PoolTooSmall's team of researchers has looked into the history of the new development - delving back into the Council's minutes of meetings as far ago as 2004.
So is it true what they say about this technically , financially and professionally flawed project ?
BURTON'S BLUNDER  from 2004 - 2010 - her fingerprints and political dogma all over it - YES!
WESTMINSTER BODGE - YES -incompetent project team couldn't even find the McNamara missing billion of assets in 5 months - PoolTooSmall found them in 30 seconds on line !
So on both counts it's yes. So maybe the new centre should be called BURTON'S BLUNDERS AT THE NEW BODGE . Give it a postcode and it's there in perpetuity - a monument to political dogma and incompetence .
PoolTooSmall is setting it's stall out for 2011 - asking all the questions like the finances , Bricket Wood, Ridgeview and the Abbey Theatre service road .
There is another way - SADC put up your hands and admit you have got it wrong. Go back to the drawing board and get it RIGHT .
No main contract has been signed so NO EXCUSES!