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Cabinet Recommendations Surprises from 10th August Meeting !

posted 12 Aug 2010, 01:30 by David Gilroy   [ updated 12 Aug 2010, 03:42 ]
SADC Corporate Administrator , Ms Glen Mathers, has kindly sent me the above which I publish in full here.

Cabinet Meeting on 10/08/10 

Amendments to Recommendations 

Proposed by: Robert Donald

Seconded by: Anthony Rowlands

 To Replace Existing Recommendations With:


“2.1     That Cabinet thanks the Pool Too Small Campaign Group and the Civic Society for their presentation outlining their concerns about the Council’s previously agreed redevelopment proposals for the Westminster Lodge Leisure Centre and notes the recommendations of the Overview and Scrutiny (Public Services) Committee (O&S) meeting of 19/07/10 that the size of the proposed swimming pool be increased from eight to ten lanes.


2.2      Cabinet considers however that in the light of the Project Manager’s response to the arguments presented by the Pool Too Small Group and the recommendations of the O&S Committee, and the estimated additional capital and future revenue costs and funding needs involved, there are no compelling reasons to merit changing the Cabinet’s previous decision or delay any further.


2.3      Cabinet accordingly reaffirms its decision of 6 October 2009 following the results of extensive public consultation in 2009 which showed clear support for Option 2 as set out in the decision for Item 3 paragraphs (i) – (iv) of the minutes of that Cabinet meeting.


2.4      Cabinet confirms its approval of the facility mix for the new Westminster Lodge Leisure centre to include a total of 647m2 of water space made up of a 25 x 17m (8 lane main pool), 17m x 10m training/ learner pool and confidence water, as outlined in paragraph 4.1.9 of the Cabinet Report and that Overview and Scrutiny (Public Services) Committee be informed of Cabinet’s response.


2.5      Regarding the meeting of the shortfall of water space predicted (376.48m2) Cabinet requests that the Head of Culture and Community Development and the Project Manager report to Cabinet in March 2011 on ways of providing additional water space including:

(a)  a new pool site within the District

(b)  opening up existing pool facilities further for community use eg in schools

(c)  the funding of these proposals at minimum capital/revenue cost to the Council.


2.6      Cabinet recognises that the expected popularity of the new pool facilities immediately following their opening may result in occasional periods of overcrowding irrespective of the pool’s size. Cabinet therefore requests that the Head of Culture and Community Development and the Project Manager in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Sport and Leisure produce a draft operational plan to discuss with the leisure centre operator when appointed for the management of these overcrowded periods. This draft plan should also be reported to Cabinet in March 2011.”