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Council Admit New Lodge Alternative Service Road Plan !

posted 1 Sept 2010, 14:16 by David Gilroy   [ updated 2 Sept 2010, 14:44 ]
The PoolTooSmall team have been going through what was ACTUALLY said at Cabinet on 10th August 2010 on the official podcast.
PoolTooSmall are proposing various additions to the, so far, official  minutes  published by the Council on their website which, in PoolTooSmall's view, omit what Mr Peter Trevelyan and Mr David Gilroy ACTUALLY said  to Cabinet. After all , Chair Cllr Robert Donald had expressly invited PoolTooSmall to speak to the first Emergency Cabinet Meeting of SADC in years!
More on how Council  "managed " the minutes of this unique Emergency Cabinet Meeting in a separate posting here on this page.
Reacting to it on the night Project Manager Ms Julie Simpson said on the podcast :-

" It is incorrect to make assertions that we can't proceed without Abbey Theatre's agreement . We have an
alternative service road if agreement can't be reached and therefore we are able to implement the proposed scheme ".
Well really , that's news to the citizens of St.Albans!
Tell us more please, Council . PoolTooSmall and doubtless others are standing by to assess this new development .
Time to get those Lodge site plans out again?