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Council Begin Moving Trees Around New Lodge Site-25 November 2010.

posted 26 Nov 2010, 05:31 by David Gilroy
PoolTooSmall were on site yesterday to witness contractors moving small oak trees about the site with a tree spade.SADC may have a flawed specification for the new centre described by the Press on Wednesday as Westminster Bodge but they don't even have a Main contractor signed up after the McNamara debacle of last week. If you wish to object or comment on the Council's flawed plans there is an ideal opportunity by 14th December 2010. Email the Chair of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Internal Performance) Cllr Geffry Turner on 
Please copy us in if you wish on
Remember SADC are spending an estimated £26 million of our money GETTING IT WRONG.
On this website you can read why .