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Ensure Council Act Responsibly- Margy Stone in Hertsad - 18 November 2010.

posted 19 Nov 2010, 15:22 by David Gilroy
One of PoolTooSmall's original campaigners , Margy Stone , is an example to all of us all for stepping up against the authorities .Here she finds time from
an arduous life of caring for others to set standards that , quite frankly , put this Council to shame.(Webmaster's words).
Sir-Oh dear Adrian Slavin (letters 28th October ‘Put a plug in it!’) – you may be bored but thankfully there are people who are willing to give their time and energies to bring to account our Council  over such matters as ensuring that they spend our money wisely and judiciously.  

Planning committee meetings are traditionally supposed to be non political, in that all considerations should put local people and issues ahead of politics.   In my view the conduct of many at the planning committee meeting that I attended concerning the plans for the new pool at Westminster Lodge could not have been further from this premise and to watch whilst the scoring of points, goading and crowing that went on made a complete nonsense of the meeting.   As did the fact that when the Chairman of the meeting was asked if he was required to use his casting vote would he be using it to ensure the plans were passed, he agreed that he would.   This was before any views or discussion had taken place and in the knowledge that there were more than 300 letters against the plans in the proposed format and only two supporting them!


What is important here surely are not just the plans for a new swimming pool, but the way our councillors are dealing with business?   Are they behaving in a manner which is responsive and responsible to, not just the people, who elected them, but all those people and organisations (Abbey Theatre for example) in the local communities they represent?   I’m not sure that they are courageous and strong enough to rise above the power seeking intimidating behaviour of some of their fellow councillors and party politics.


Please all of you think about the people you represent; listen to what is being said; forget whether you are yellow, blue or red and take action to ensure the Council acts responsibly, considerately, prudently and above all stops wasting our money!  I have long felt party politics should play no part in local elections so that councillors can be free to openly apply independent thinking to a wide variety of issues.


 Time and cool wise heads are what is needed to resolve this and many other issues in the best interests of everyone.   Yes St Albans could and may be should lead the way by building a 50 metre pool with diving boards  however, only after due regard has been given to the needs of others and in the knowledge that with some refurbishment we have a swimming pool that will and may be should last for another twenty plus years.


Yours faithfully

Margaret J. Stone   Orchard Street, St. Albans, Herts
PoolTooSmall comments .Well said Margy ! Cllr Donald and cabinet - hang your heads in shame !