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Refurbish is Far Wiser Move says Mile Swimming Mum - Review 1st December 2010.

posted 6 Dec 2010, 03:09 by David Gilroy   [ updated 6 Dec 2010, 03:17 ]
Speaking as someone who swims 40 lengths twice a week at the pool (not quite a mile...which is 46ish) I am devastated at the thought of a new pool where I have to swim around 64 to get to a mile . I lose count so easily even counting to 40....and think of all that turning as well!! I am being flippant...... The present Westminster lodge pool of 33 metres is becoming rarer as so many have been replaced with the 25 metres around the country. Why do we have to become just like the other boring 25 metre towns (especially as we are a city). We should cherish what we have. Could we not renovate and make good our old friend W.M.L.....saving a substantial amount of the 25 million needed for the new complex. Surely this would be a far wiser  move considering present national financial crisis.  I am aware just how much work has gone into getting this far with planning etc but please, please reconsider.
Jacky Dwyer St.Albans.