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posted 7 Apr 2011, 13:36 by David Gilroy
The gloves appear to be off already ahead of District Council elections on Thursday 5th May 2011. A new contributor to the NEWBODGE debate-not known to PoolTooSmall, Mr SH of St.Albans launches by far the most stinging attack lately on a serving Cabinet member and ex Leisure Portfolio Holder and her past actions with the NEWBODGE project.This is bare knuckle stuff and PoolTooSmall reproduces it here below  in full. Or read it now online on but you will have to register- it's quite easy.

SIR:-Contrary to what Cllrs Rowlands and Burton would like to think, far more than a “small minority” of the public are against this extravagant waste of money , including many who are not members of the PoolTooSmall group. As a former conservation officer of many years in the town I have seen many plans headed off at the early stage at which politicians and public alike would be horrified. However , the current cabinet system which allows the Lib Dems total control over major decision-making is little short of corrupt. The old Lib Dem cry for proportional representation is gone now they have absolute power.

Public consultation was carried out for Westminster Lodge and the results ignored. Remember the Facebook campaign to “Save Our Flumes ?”- ignored. Also , make no mistake , professional council officer opinion is against this development. Cllr Burton has simply bought in temporary “yes” people to push this operation through. It is no more than personal aggrandisement at public expense. She would do well to remember her role is of elected representative of the people of St.Albans, not to push through expensive and wholly inadequate pet projects at taxpayers’expense.

A new angle to this tale is that proposed plans were sent at an early stage for comment to the Hertfordshire Architects Panel , an independent voluntary group  who have overseen large schemes in the county for many years ,and normally favour modern design. They lambasted the plans for Westminster Lodge. Cllr Burton ignored them and immediately removed funding for any more of their services to St.Albans District Council. She also disagreed with the Council’s own chief executive, who favoured rebuilding a new pool on the same site , thereby avoiding many of the problems we are encountering now. She did what she does best and overruled him. The arrogance shown throughout this debacle by Cllr Burton is extreme, and any credibility as a representative of the people is destroyed. Whatever your opinion on the merits or otherwise of the proposal , the process by which this development is being steamrollered through is shockingly undemocratic.Lib Dems are quite simply not fit for office.

S HOWARD Rowland Street, St.Albans.

"Small minority" are we NEWBODGE Project Councillors ? Your chickens are coming home to roost as Mr SH dredges the past and sledges the present! Please hand down your verdict on the NEWBODGE travesty  and vote in District Council elections on Thursday 5th May 2011.

Please remember that PoolTooSmall has no political status - it is NOT our place to tell you how to vote. However it is our duty to give you crucial information so that you can vote on the ruling faction's "performance " . Is it £25 million well spent or a " Pig in a Poke" or a" White Elephant"  or a " Bum Steer "?The bottom line is that it is YOUR money they are spending. What would Lord Sugar say ?