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posted 17 Jan 2011, 14:43 by David Gilroy
Born and bred in the City  over 60 years ago , resident and former School governor Max Schroeder has more than an enough insight into local affairs to hand down his damning indictment on our Council's ruling poltical faction at the present time. In the second of his recent letters to the Hertsad he gives the Council another wideranging hammering on subjects like the NEW BODGE, laptops,  Beaumont School and  the Sam Ryder monument.He writes:-
"SIR-It was pleasing to read the supportive, well-informed letters of Philip Webster and David Gilroy in last week's Hertsad.
David Gilroy often makes penetrating comments on the "railroaded" BURTON BLUNDERBUS/WESTMINSTER BODGE.
It must be fun for Cllr Rowlands to hand over a £26.7 million contract to a number 2 contractor with a Christmas card wishing them all the best in 2011 ! How come they weren't good enough in 2010? Come on Mr Rowlands , how about doing the just thing and going back to the drawing board ? After all, those already spent "consultancy fees" we could save by trimming down the "sexy items" (frippage) eg SPA , up and down swimming pool base and climbing wall) and returning to the rational idea of a (community configurable ) 50 metre pool with diving area.
Another expensive taxpayer whitewash on laptops - What do those 14000 voters think of their Lib Dem dominated Council? Perhaps some of them will automatically change their voting allegiance and put our taxpayers money in the hands of more responsible political party members , come the May Council Elections."
PoolTooSmall comments. We are NOT a political party and never will be.We are not supported by or support any political party. We attempt to do business with the present ruling faction of SADC (the Lib Dems)  who unfortunately have an incompetent NEW BODGE Project Team. We publish our cause without fear or favour . That's the way it is .