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Herts Advertiser Postbag

posted 2 Apr 2010, 04:31 by Mike M   [ updated 2 Apr 2010, 06:02 ]
The Herts Advertiser this week has a whole page of letters (see "Swimming pool protest reaches boiling point") in response to previous correspondence from Cllr Sheila Burton and Peter Simpson (the project's architect). These five excellent letters are followed by two (see  "On the other side of the fence") from the White Hart Tap Badminton Association and a Mr D. Beard, both of whom seem to think we are opposed to the new sports centre- which is just plain wrong- we think a new build with a wider range of facilities is a great idea. Mr Beard just retreads the arguments from the architect's original correspondence (which have already been expertly toasted by the previous letters) and shoots himself in the foot by huffily complaining about people writing "self-interested opinions" while at the same time heaping praise on the architect for writing a letter about how wonderful his own project is going to be.