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posted 17 Jun 2011, 14:08 by David Gilroy
Just one month ago nobody could have dreamed that the Electorate would hand down judgement in such emphatic fashion on a Council administration that , after 20 years of more or less continous power , has passed it's sell by date . The people had had enough of the failed Newbodge plans thus far and demanded a new broom . This was mandated by the people on 5th May 2011.It now falls to Executive Leader Cllr Julian Daly and ,fittingly, deputy Executive Leader and Structural Engineer Mike Wakely to set out their agenda. Have they listened to us?
Time is short to change the contract but it is still eminently feasible to do so. We expect a bigger Main Pool and a fresh look overall - that is the challenge for the new Council team - we believe you won't fail us. In May 2012 the people will again pass judgement on the Council - never forget who gives the Councillors their power and who can take it away !
Please click on the link below for details of next Tuesday's Cabinet meeting - 7pm on Tuesday 7th June 2011.
PoolTooSmall wishes to thank the Herts Advertiser for their even- handed coverage of the Great Lodge Saga over the last 20 months or so as they publish yet more today on their Page 10 . Two pieces - one Parking Plight and another by David Gilroy reproduced here .

"SIR:-May I congratulate you on publishing letters , not just from PoolTooSmall supporters , but also from many people including our Councillors from right across the political and social spectrum.It is all part of our democracy and it was clearly reflected last Election Day Thursday 5th May 2011. A new District Council administration begins work today 19 May and we hope they review all projects across the board, not just Westminster Lodge, and bring in sensible change for the better, where appropriate, together with Value for Money.We live in momentous times – this is the first major ruling party change at SADC in 20 years. My family and I attended Mayor Making last night for the first time – an enjoyable and historic occasion that has stood the test of centuries.

I just pray the new team have courage and wisdom , listen to the people and rule to benefit all our people,our children , grandchildren and theirs yet to be born.

Yours sincerely,

David Gilroy. "

In the meantime ,let's all give Cllr Daly's new Council team and Main Contractor Willmott Dixon Construction Ltd and their advisors every support now to finally get the New Lodge specification right and drive ahead together .The people are watching all of you as you make the crunch decisions that will affect our key centre for the next half a century .

Don't fail us - it's as simple as that.