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posted 30 Apr 2010, 09:35 by Mike M   [ updated 30 Apr 2010, 12:57 ]
The Review this week has reports of the recent planning meeting (see: "Anger as St Albans swimming pool is approved" and "Lib Dems force through St Albans pool scheme"; you can also read our take on the planning meeting here). 
The second of the articles in the Review states "Planning officer Alan Moorhouse said there had been about 90 letters of objection" which indeed he did, though the figure he was quoting was for additional representations he had received since producing his written report one week or so earlier- a subtlety easily missed. In the written report he stated that "At the time of writing 204 letters had been received [...]". When we called the planning department on Wednesday the cumulative total of letters they gave us was 322.

Also this week, The Herts Advertiser has an excellent report on the issues surrounding recent election leaflets- "Election leaflet controversy over Westminster Lodge development" (no link available as yet- though you can read our earlier take on this here). From the Herts Advertiser (our emphasis):

[...] Cllr Frearson explained that the article and photo in the Verulam Voice was about a footpath at the site but that the wrong caption had inadvertently been put on the photo [...]

I know the Westminster Lodge site well, and they are not standing anywhere near any of the footpaths, so if Cllr Frearson is correct then they also had the wrong photo.

Also this week we note that the Advertiser's Letters To The Editor includes "Cheers for a planning hero" complimenting some trouble maker type called David Gilroy.