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In the Press: Planning Probity

posted 9 May 2010, 04:04 by Mike M
The latest print edition of the Herts Advertiser has a report of last week's planning meeting "Pool scheme decision is marred by controversy" (no link to on-line version as yet) which, as well as covering the event itself, also refers to questions raised about the probity of holding the meeting at all. Cllr Chris Brazier, who gave the new project the go-ahead with his casting vote, is quoted as defending the decision to hold the meeting as follows (our emphasis):

"Had it gone ahead after the election, it would not have happened for weeks because we may have new members of planning referrals.
It would have slowed down the whole project and we would have been accused of running out of time with our own application"

On the evidence of the above Cllr Brazier appears to be saying that the democratic process and the possibility of undermining public confidence in it should not be allowed to get in the way of operational and PR issues associated with the smooth running of Council's planning schedule.

For the record, and in order to shed further light on this issue, I have also added a page to the site reproducing extensive correspondence with Council sent to us by Vanessa Gregory on the subject of the meeting's probity: