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Letters to Planning: 124 to 1 say Pool Too Small

posted 26 Mar 2010, 08:35 by Mike M   [ updated 26 Mar 2010, 14:11 by David Gilroy ]
Our very own council lobby correspondent Earnest M. has been totting up the numbers so far at the council's planning department. As of Wednesday 24th March he reports the situation at City Hall:

[...] They have a big pile of letters and messages about the new pool, and so we counted them:

Total number of letters received 125
Those complaining the pool is too small 124
Those who think it's the right size 1

This is excellent news, and we plan to keep you updated weekly on these figures from now on.

Also this week, the Herts Advertiser is running an on-line 'Have Your Say' poll:

"Do you think the proposed swimming pool at the new Westminster Lodge will be too small?"

To vote, scroll down the Herts Advertiser front page and the poll is towards the right hand side under "Have Your Say". They will take the results at about mid day on Tuesday 30th.