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Letters to Planning: 153 to 1 say Pool Too Small

posted 1 Apr 2010, 00:55 by Mike M
Earnest M. has the latest numbers for us from the council's planning department. As of Wednesday 31st March he reports the following:

Total number of letters received154
Those complaining the pool is too small153
Those who think it's the right size1

This represents a fantastic ongoing response and more than a 20% increase in the total number of registered objections since this time last week. A massive thank you to all of you who have stepped up so far.

Last week's Herts Advertiser poll ("Do you think the proposed swimming pool at the new Westminster Lodge will be too small?") has now closed at NO:65.22% to YES:34.78%, but here at PoolTooSmall we think one month's worth of 153 to one individually registered, personally composed letters of objection written by 153 motivated real people stands up rather well against a week's worth of un-audited anonymous mouse clicks!