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Localism Denied by District Council? Hertsad 30 December 2010 Page 9.

posted 4 Jan 2011, 14:45 by David Gilroy
In a final swipe, in the Press, in 2010 at the ruling faction of St.Albans District Council, the Lib Dems,  structural engineer Cllr Mike Wakely has much criticism for the SADC Cabinet ranging from laptop thefts ,unfair double local taxation and no surprise - swimming pools.
"On swimming pools they (SADC) bemoan it costed the district £5 per visit to local Bricket Wood pool so instead cost the district almost a million pounds to have no visits . On WESTMINSTER BODGE - we have to pay probably over £25 million to have a same size pool when the old one could have been regenerated for less than half that
or doubled in size for three- quarters the cost. When Localism actually takes place how will central St.Albans residents like paying over £1000 per household for their new same size pool?"
MIKE WAKELY Oakfield Road , Harpenden.
PoolTooSmall comments. Good sense MIke . Do readers realise that since 2004 , to the best of our knowledge . the NEW BODGE IN HOUSE project team has never had on it's permanent staff a top class professional of Chief Engineer calibre ? Plenty of political spinmongers though so it's no wonder the people call the new development
WESTMINSTER BODGE or , in honour of the original Portfolio Holder , BURTON'S BLUNDER.