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New Project Granted Planning Permission

posted 29 Apr 2010, 00:37 by Mike M
On the evening of Wednesday 28th April St Albans Council’s Planning Referrals Committee voted to grant permission to its own application, submitted to it self, to build its own self-proclaimed flagship sports and leisure project.

We were there to watch the process unfold, and were disappointed to learn early on that 
strict and proper adherence to the rules of the planning process meant that over 300 letters received by the planning department from members of the community concerning the size of the pool were of no material relevance what so ever to a decision about constructing a building intended to contain a community swimming pool. We were then also surprised to hear that strict and proper adherence to the letter of the rules on development outside pre-agreed regions of appropriate development should not be followed in this case as doing so would not be in the spirit of what the rules were intended to achieve because half of the new building inconveniently sticks out beyond the previously agreed official Council-designated sport-and leisure development zone. We were also reassured by some of those present that the decision of the committee would be impartial, objective and not influenced in any way by the imminent elections or any other political considerations.

The vote split exactly down party lines, with all of the Liberal Democrat ruling faction voting in favour and all Councillors belonging to the other parties voting against. This resulted in a tie which was broken in favour of granting permission to the project by the impartial Liberal Democrat chairman and Council cabinet member 
Mr Chris Brazier.

The project now has planning permission.

Many many thanks to all of you who gave your support by attending the meeting, and a particularly heart felt thank you to those of you who came along with your kids.

We are considering our next move.

[photo of Chinese Parliament, interior, from People's Daily Online]