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posted 14 Apr 2011, 14:24 by David Gilroy
On the New Bodge site today , 3rd April 2011,was the irony of how a failed SADC IN House project Team can make a £25Million blunder - described in the Press and elsewhere by Mr MS as " Burton's Bathing Pool Blunder" - in "tribute" to the SADC Leisure Portfolio Holder Cllr Sheila Burton from about 2004 until May 2010. The New Bodge mastermind.
Have you paid , people ? Not yet you haven't,  but your children and grandchildren will for the next 40 years as they queue out the door to swim in an overloaded 25metre £25 MIllion Pig in a Poke  with no diving boards or flumes whatsoever . Could the excellent Luton Aquatic Centre team come to the rescue?
And have you displayed , people ? No you haven't yet but Cllr Burton and cronies have , with the contempt of politicians who do not understand aquatics  and manipulate Council committees for self aggrandisement .
The people can display on Thursday 5th May 2011 as they hand down judgement on the biggest capital disaster in our City's history .
But will this disingenuous  ruling faction have paid the price ? It's up to you on Thursday 5th May 2011.
PoolTooSmall has no political status - we simply publish information so that you can make up your minds.
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