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Park Trees at Risk from New Pool .

posted 16 Sept 2010, 04:05 by David Gilroy   [ updated 16 Sept 2010, 15:42 ]
Ms Molly Caldicott has a letter published today in the Herts Advertiser newspaper ,16th September with the above title.
It is reproduced  here in full with a picture taken on site today by the PoolTooSmall photographer.

SIR-You recently published a letter about saving 2 long standing trees from being cut down or cut back(Herts Advertiser September 2). How many residents of St.Albans have realised the number of trees  the Council will cut down to accommodate the new swimming pool the council insists we need at Westminster Lodge?

In the current economic climate, the expense of the new pool and complex seems so unnecessary. Surely it is possible to update the present pool and build the new complex there?

This would leave the entrance to Verulamium  looking green , with trees still growing, instead of being dominated by a large new building. It would surely not cost such an enormous amount of money.

Come on residents of St.Albans! Together we may be in time to delay  and hopefully prevent the destruction of so many trees spoiling the entrance of our historic and beloved Verulamium. I am sure many swimmers would agree.

MOLLY CALDICOTT  Address supplied.

Your appeal to residents and us swimmers is very well noted, ma'am.
If Ms Caldicott  would contact David and the PoolTooSmall team on we will be delighted to
bring her up to date with all the latest developments.