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PoolTooSmall Addresses Verulam Lifesaving Club

posted 15 Mar 2010, 15:34 by David Gilroy

Alerted by the campaign set up by users of Westminster Lodge Leisure Centre (WLLC) to protest at the inadequate proposed size of the new Westminster Lodge Main Pool, Verulam Lifesaving Club (VLC) invited Pooltoosmall leader David Gilroy to address their members at WLLC last Friday evening 12th March 2010. David and his wife Ingrid together with youngest son James were welcomed by VLC Chairman Brian Booth and Coach Malcolm Whitley. David gave a presentation emphasing the fact that the proposed new Main Pool would hold only 9 extra bathers more than the present one. The cost of the whole project is rising fast up from £19 million a few years ago to £26.776 million now. The new pool would be shorter at 25 metres and have only 8 lanes, and have no diving boards. The Council has never convinced anybody that the new Main Pool will be fit for purpose for 25 minutes never mind at least 25 years!

A well informed and intelligent young membership had an excellent question and answer discussion with David, Ingrid and James. Overload of the Main Pool in school holidays, insufficient pool space in the evenings for the public and clubs sharing- witnessed later that night on site. All returned the unanimous verdict that a much bigger Main Pool than the inadequate 25 metre by 8 lanes proposed is required. Especially as the Bricket Wood facility is now closed and further loads the Lodge site. One young lady asked what was the point of spending all that money on 9 extra places and be turned away the moment it was built? What could they do?

David handed out leaflets explaining that they and their parents could all object to the Council’s Planning Application 5/10 /0259 either by post or email.

The picture taken at the end tells it all. Verulam Lifesaving Club and the Pooltoosmall team want a much bigger Main Pool – at least a 10 laner! Council please listen to the people that matter– the users that know best!

To join the highly dedicated people of Verulam Lifesaving Club founded in 1972, please phone either Brian Booth on 01438 820666 or Malcolm Whitley on 01727 856319. The Club meets every Friday evening at WLLC.