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PoolTooSmall On Site.

posted 24 Feb 2011, 03:10 by David Gilroy
PoolTooSmall is on site everyday, see latest on site news above,   to assess the true impact of the Council plan for the NEW BODGE Leisure Centre after it became clear that the project is becoming delayed for "legal reasons" . Much as Council leader Donald tried to convince us at a full Council meeting that the big Main contract would be signed by end January 2011 this is more of his ruling faction's spin and casuistry .  Why should Abbey Theatre sign up to being literally strangled by a selfish , inconsiderate and incompetent SADC Project team? Please look at the visual evidence for yourself in the picture on the left ,reader. Ahead is the Abbey Theatre .To the left is their future development space - where Council want to bludgeon their service road through.In front ,to encircle them on 3 sides the service road continues. And the final slap in the face  literally ,to the right where the cars are- the rear of the proposed NEW BODGE!
Abbey Theatre have been treated disgracefully by this  SADC Project Team, fast becoming the laughing stock of the Civic and Leisure World especially after the McNamara debacle. Why is it that PoolTooSmall found the billion pound McNamara deficit in 30 seconds on line and the SADC Project Team failed to find it after 5 months ? Project Team incompetence!
Time for this SADC Project Team to put up their hands , hang their heads in shame and go back to the Drawing Board . That way we will save most of the £26 million of our money and , next time, GET IT RIGHT!
DON'T SIGN ANYTHING ABBEY THEATRE - YOU WILL HAVE THE PEOPLE'S ETERNAL THANKS and your future development for decades will be assured.