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PoolTooSmall Record Historic Victory -19 July 2010.

posted 26 Jul 2010, 12:25 by David Gilroy
Last Monday evening 19th July 2010 at a dramatic meeting of the
District Council's Overview and Scrutiny Committee they voted the following:-
"This Committee recommends to Cabinet that the predictable shortfall
of water provision at Westminster Lodge be partly met by increasing
the size of the pool from the proposed 8 lanes to 10 lanes".
In a message to PoolTooSmall , O&S Chair Cllr Julian Daly said :-
"Thank you all for the effort you put in last night. You won the intellectual (and moral) argument."
PoolTooSmall's team of David Gilroy, Ernest Barnes and Ingrid Gilroy
gave excellent account of themselves and left everyone in no doubt who
the real pool operational and planning experts are !
An excellent debate with Civic Society leader Peter Trevelyan's
precise critique piling the agony upon a beleaguered  Council
Project team technically and professionally off the pace. David answered tough questioning from Chair Daly specifically regarding the key issue of main pool overload and performance projections .Referring to his key projection (Slide 7) all were satisfied that the Council's "25 metre by 8 lane " offering was
"dead in the water now" and that a 25 metre by TEN lanes would give
overload free main pool service well into the 2040's!
PoolTooSmall's Webmaster and co-founder Michael Mathison from his
family home in Oxford ( following a family bereavement) found time to comment:-
"Fantastic.It is such a great thing to know that all of the effort
that everyone has put into this has not gone to waste. ....... as
Julian said, you won the moral and intellectual argument.
This really is a great result- and a result that would never have
happened in a million years.Amazingly well done to everyone involved on the night, and to everyone who stepped up to give you so much last minute help at such short notice.Brilliant".
"We won the debate - it's TEN not EIGHT."
What you can do now .Write to your councillor or the newspapers or our
MP Ann Main and tell them what you think. Copy it to us as always at
Remember forever the  picture above - the PoolTooSmall  "TEN for EIGHT"
heroes of 19th July 2010.
A historic day in the life of PoolTooSmall.
It won't be the last !
STOP PRESS. Emergency Cabinet Meeting Tuesday 10th August 2010 - be there
at the Council Offices with PoolTooSmall at 6.30 pm to lobby councillors.