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PoolTooSmall Refute Council Claim.

posted 28 Jul 2010, 07:09 by David Gilroy   [ updated 28 Jul 2010, 14:30 ]
On Monday 19th July 2010 at the St.Albans District Council Offices , following the historic PoolTooSmall result in favour of    “Ten Lanes not Eight ”, the SADC Portfolio Holder for Leisure described PoolTooSmall as a “minority “.
Let’s now set the record straight.
1.       Up to 28th April 2010 SADC Planning Dept received 326 emails and
handwritten objections to the new Lodge proposals and just 3 in favour.
Minority Councillor ? Your  minority .
2.       The petition of Mr Goodall for a 50 metre pool was reported by
Planning Officer Mr Moorhouse on 28th April 2010 as  731 people .
Minority Councillor ? Your minority.
3.       Now add these two up and what do you get ? PoolTooSmall  makes  
it 1057.
4.       The 3 week "engineered"  survey by SADC in Summer 2009 , a public disgrace which prompted the founding of PoolTooSmall,  produced in favour of flawed Option 2 about 354 people.
How does that square  with 1057 against the new Lodge proposals? Your minority , Councillor.
5.       If only the SADC Project Team  had gone to PoolTooSmall  where the real frontline operational users and professional planners  are.
6.       £26.776 Million and still SADC can’t get it right!
7.       We won the technical debate it’s TEN lanes not EIGHT !