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PoolTooSmall Refute SADC Cabinet Minute Claim of 10 August 2010!

posted 24 Aug 2010, 15:29 by David Gilroy
Incensed PoolTooSmall supporters , having seen the recent Cabinet minutes below ,were unanimous that SADC and the record should be set straight as regards what the ASA rightly says about 25metre by 10 lane pools .To this end I publish below the substance of an email sent to Cabinet Chair Cllr Robert Donald on behalf of PoolTooSmall today Wednesday 25 August 2010.
Dear Councillor Donald  from David Gilroy of PoolTooSmall ,

May I thank you for inviting PoolTooSmall to the above and for
publishing your version of the minutes on the Council's website at

May I bring to your immediate attention the totally false statement
made in your minutes in Section 2 under "Size of Pool ".
You state,  and I extract it from your minutes , "A 25 x 10 lane pool
size did not appear anywhere on the ASA website."
This is untruthful and unacceptable .My evidence for saying this is to
be found on the ASA website where they quote their ASA Facilities
Report 16 11 Final Version No 09(2).pdf (attached).

On page 21 ASA clearly states "The ASA's policies are therefore to
encourage 8 to 10 lane 25 and 50 metre pools with moveable floor and
bulkhead to maximise flexibilities "

On page 27  ASA clearly states under "Key Performance Indicators"
Target .
Number of 25m 10 lane pools.
2008- 9     3
2009-10    3
2010- 11   4
2011- 12    6
2012- 13    6

It can't be any clearer.There is  plenty of reference by ASA
to 25 metre by 10 lane pools

It may be , Sir, that you did not draft the minutes that were
published but the fact remains that you as Chair of the meeting are
ultimately responsible for signing them off.

I trust that you will investigate what happened here and set the
record straight as a matter of urgency and certainly by your next
Cabinet Meeting on 7th September.

The substance of this email is being published on the PoolTooSmall website

Yours sincerely,

Eur Ing David L.Gilroy . M.Sc. C.Eng . MIET . A Founder of

25 August 2010.