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PoolTooSmall to Address Emergency Cabinet Meeting Tuesday 10th August 2010!

posted 5 Aug 2010, 16:01 by David Gilroy

PoolTooSmall received the following by email on 4th August 2010 from SADC's Ms Glen Mathers.

"I am the Corporate Administrator for the Cabinet meeting next Tuesday 10 August. As you know the purpose of the meeting is to consider the recommendation of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Public Services) regarding the redevelopment of Westminster Lodge Leisure Centre.I have been asked by the Chair of Cabinet, Councillor Robert Donald, to let you know that he would be willing for a representative of PoolTooSmall to speak at the meeting next week for 10-15 minutes.  The representative can also, if they wish, make a presentation to Cabinet. "

It is unusual for SADC to call an Emergency Cabinet Meeting but to call members back in the summer holidays is surprising indeed !
PoolTooSmall confirmed with SADC today 9th August 2010 that they will address this Special Cabinet Meeting for up to 15 minutes with 2 representatives.
We urge all our PoolTooSmall supporters, friends and family to attend .
We know it is holiday time but this is important to the future of
our great City .We will be there with the famous placard, cameras and supporters.
Tuesday 10th August 2010 at St.Albans Council Offices  AL1 3JE ,  6.30
pm photocall and 7pm meeting.
See you then!
Thank you .
PoolTooSmall. Here for you 24/7.