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Power of Three - Dictatorial Trio - Hertsad pg11- 28 October 2010.

posted 28 Oct 2010, 12:10 by David Gilroy   [ updated 2 Nov 2010, 06:14 ]
PoolTooSmall is a NON POLITICAL campaign group. We also report news in the public domain relevant to our declared aims without fear or favour from any source. I am delighted to reproduce in full below the opinion of Mr Philip Webster , a retired senior manager and highly respected contributor to the Press over the years.
SIR,- The astounding obduracy of the inner triumverate of the council (Cllrs. Donald, Burton and  Rowlands) defies comprehension. Week
after endless week we see  letters from readers, some of whom have professional  qualifications way in excess of our "big  three", and whose wise
opinions we should receive with undying gratitude.
 But instead we have this wall of  silence which reminds me of Sir Walter Scott's poem "The Bridal of  Triermain" where the valiant knight of Triermain rung forth his challenge-blast again, but answer came there none". Lewis Carroll too in  "through the Looking Glass" used the same phrase.
And so following in such footsteps our dictatorial trio continue to ignore  cogent reasoning for the sake of political  expediency which increasingly  appears is going to result with a pig in a poke swimming pool and a  massive and unnecessary bill for refurbishing Bricket Wood - a liability  they had tried to conceal from the electorate. But that too seems  completely in character when we read that Cllr Brazier (way down in the  pecking order) is reported as saying that an LDF  working party meeting  was to be held in private as "there would be figures and questions that  members would not want to ask in public".   The mind boggles. So much for  the democratic process and open government from our  LibDem local rulers.

PHILIP WEBSTER  Townsend Drive, St Albans.