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Put a Plug In It! Pg 12 Hertsad- 28 October 2010.

posted 28 Oct 2010, 13:14 by David Gilroy   [ updated 29 Oct 2010, 14:25 ]
Mr Adrian Slavin wrote to the Hertsad and I reproduce what he has to say in full .
"SIR-Am I the only one bored to death by the continued presence in the letters page of various ramblings missives about the length of the proposed swimming pool at Westminster Lodge? As they say in the US, "Get over it"! We live on an island , there are plenty of places to swim ".
ADRIAN SLAVIN Flora Grove , St.Albans.
PoolTooSmall replies.To answer your question - yes, Sir, you do seem to be the only one who has voiced this opinion in the Press. I am delighted to dip into the PoolTooSmall picture archive to lead you to "plenty of places to swim" and give one a plug as you suggested. 
You only have to go a few metres from the New Lodge site to find the overflow for the inadequately sized proposed Main Pool,at the bottom of Holywell Hill by Mud Lane. It's the River Ver and bridge and already it appears that the authorities have divided it into 2 lanes with the bright yellow cone! The advantage to the Council is that it is free and can be used 24/7. With no capital outlay, heating or management charges it releases money for the Spa across the road at an estimated £2.95 million! See my Spa financial analysis on this website only last week.
Now which of these two sites will the people of the Ridgeview  homeless hostel ( to be sold off by Council for £6million ) patronise if Council persists in pushing the technically and financially flawed New Lodge development?
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