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Council Staff Face 25 Per Cent Axe - Cabinet Meets 2nd November 2010.

posted 27 Oct 2010, 14:30 by David Gilroy   [ updated 28 Oct 2010, 12:09 ]
One of the greatest travesties I have witnessed in my 37 years as a citizen of the City of St.Albans continues to be played out .
In the Council chamber next Tuesday evening 2nd November 2010 , SADC will attermpt , amongst other items,to bludgeon  the technically and financially flawed New Lodge scheme forward. Read my analysis of the Spa finances already on this website then brace yourself for far worse next week .
I reproduce here highlights of Madeleine Burton's report on page 2 of the Hertsad of 28 October 2010.
"All staff at SADC have been told they have the option of applying for voluntary redundancy or early retirement as part of public manpower cuts.
Previously principle officers had been given that option but the Council has now extended expressions of interest to the remaining staff as it sets up a different operating structure with new and fewer jobs.The council, which has 409 full and part-time employees, has admitted that potentially it will have to reduce in size by 25% in the light of the requirement to cut 26% in local authority spending following last week's comprehensive spending review announcement.
But it has yet to learn what it's annual Local Govt Finance Settlement , due in early December , will be which could find the Council having to make further cuts.Council leader, Cllr Robert Donald ,said it would be some weeks before yet before the authority knew what reductions would have to be made in next year's budget and the effect of savings.
"Some compulsory redundancies are likely to be unavoidable. These will be kept to a minimum"
He said he would be seeking a meeting with county council " to ensure as much fairness as possible in the way they approached reductions to
community services and appropriate working with themselves and other partners."
He added that the biggest impact of the Review is likely to be as a result of reductions in county council services.
PoolTooSmall comment to come later .