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Scoop! PoolTooSmall Blows The Whistle on SADC's Chosen Contractor - Michael McNamara Co.

posted 15 Nov 2010, 15:54 by David Gilroy   [ updated 16 Nov 2010, 14:43 ]
PoolTooSmall's team of experts announces a major Scoop as it reduces the multimillion pound SADC New Lodge project team to tatters. As Michael McNamara  Co , SADC's chosen contractor  after all the rigorous checks, goes bust - and SADC is left to ask the question ." We are so incompetent - how many of us should resign ?" Although the writing was on the wall the night Cabinet announced they had chosen McNamara - it took PoolToosmall till yesterday to confirm our suspicions.
Here is the  full letter to Council Leader Robert Donald and Chief Executive Daniel Goodwin.
"Good afternoon , Cllr Donald from David and Ingrid Gilroy in Park Avenue, St.Albans.
Ingrid picked up on a piece in yesterday's "The Observer" national newspaper Sunday 14 November 2010 - which causes us more than a little
Page 16 NEWS  WORLD first column.By David Sharrock. Picture on left is of Tallaght College, Dublin.

"At Buffini's college (Dublin) on Friday , the day began with a protest by construction workers who were supposed to have been working on a new wing . Their  paymaster Michael Mc Namara Co - the country's premier construction firm- had been put into receivership under the weight of debts of Euros 1.5 Billion (£1.27 bn), leaving them jobless and out of pocket for work they had already completed ."

This, to say the least, Cllr Donald is very disturbing indeed for obvious reasons.
We are not privy to the information you have under Part 2 or otherwise for the New Lodge project.
However, as a professional engineering manager and systems analyst for more than 40 years I am far from satisfied that all is well with the overall management of the New Lodge project.
Is St.Albans District Council about to sign up to a disaster? As a matter of extreme public concern and urgency will you kindly make a public statement on this issue?
Yours gravely concerned,
Ingrid Gilroy.
Eur. Ing David L. Gilroy. M.Sc. C.Eng. MIET.
15 November 2010.
Dear Mr Goodwin,
Thank you for your prompt reply to my email of earlier today . May I advise you , with respect , that there is no quick fix for the mess that St.Albans District Council (SADC) now finds itself in as regards the New Lodge Project .
The moment Cabinet announced in its minutes for their last meeting on 1st November 2010 that they had instructed SADC legal team to draw up a major contract with Michael McNamara Co  for New Lodge , I went on line to do a "due diligence check"  of my own . In seconds I found online a report in the Irish Times that says it all - big trouble !
 COLM KEENAThe Irish Times - Thursday, January 14, 2010
McNamara undone by confidence in market
McNamara is 'broke' and owes in region of 1.5 billion euros.
ANALYSIS: The developer’s mid-noughties spending spree on commercial property left him badly exposed to prices crash.

For the full report click on :-

Mr Goodwin - this is damning . Here we have a SADC team that has blundered at every level technically , financially and professionally .

There is only one word left for them - INCOMPETENT. You cannot sweep this under the carpet.It is not a question of "Oh dear , let's choose another contractor ". There are systemic failures here that must be eradicated before any more blunders are committed.By the grace of God SADC have not signed a contract but it is inescapable that a full investigation of what has gone wrong at every level must now be undertaken. And what about Deloitte and Co in all this?

Questions to be asked:-

Why did the adjudication process fail ? Where were the due diligence checks? Why did the financial checks fail when the evidence was there for all to see? Why is it that the in house SADC project team and possibly officers , are incompetent?

The Next Step.

Mr Goodwin , the next step is to spend 3 months on a full investigation with input from professional experts like PoolTooSmall on   legal experts and the people of St.Albans.

It is my honour and privelege as a citizen of the City of St.Albans to stand up for the people of our City.

But more importantly as  a professional engineering project manager for over 40 years, I have spent the last 12 months assessing the evidence and I declare the SADC New Lodge project team and it's advisors INCOMPETENT. Time to start again - go back to the drawing board - and listen to our practical common sense.

Read all about it on

Yours sincerely,

Eur Ing David L.Gilroy. M.Sc. C.Eng . MIET.

15 November 2010.