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Scoop! PoolTooSmall Blows Whistle on SADC's Chosen Lodge Contractor- Michael McNamara Co.

posted 23 Nov 2010, 08:41 by David Gilroy
SCOOP! PoolTooSmall Blows the Whistle on SADC's Chosen Lodge Contractor - Michael McNamara Co.
An incompetent, gullible and unprofessional  SADC project team is in disarray tonight for , as  predicted by PoolTooSmall, the project is technically , financially and professionally flawed and now in tatters. SADC Cabinet on 2nd November 2010 confirmed Michael McNamara Co as their chosen contractor with the evidence already there that they were going bust ! I went on line then to do a "due diligence check"  of my own . In seconds I found online a report in the Irish Times that says it all - big trouble ! 
COLM KEENA  The Irish Times - Thursday, January 14, 2010
McNamara is 'broke' and owes in region of 1.5 billion euros.

ANALYSIS: The developer’s mid-noughties spending spree on commercial property left him badly exposed to prices crash.

For the full report click on :-

And now it is confirmed , as we feared, McNamara have gone broke! See my whistleblowing letter to Councillor Robert Donald and Chief Executive Daniel Goodwin of 15th November 2010 in our Announcements section.Time for an incompetent SADC to put up their hands and admit "The Game is Up" !  I call for a full independent and external legal investigation to be held over the next 3 months to thoroughly get to the bottom of this pantomime.

STOP PRESS. A £5 Million shortfall on the bid price , never mind finding £3million for the Spa that won't pay and who knows what for Bricket Wood compensation is leaving the whole project in financial tatters.And the cost of borrowing has gone up one full percent! Vanessa's critique is being published here soon!


 AND IT GETS WORSE. I googled "irish court mcnamara " today and in seconds EIGHT damning reports spanning 12 January 2010 to 7 November 2010 appeared . Check them out for yourself, reader .
I am sorry , SADC, ignorance is no excuse - the game is up . You will soon be called to account, I believe, by Cllr Turner's Overview and Scrutiny on 14 December 2010. Put this date in your diary , 6.30 pm for 7pm at St.Albans Council Offices.
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Eur. Ing David L. Gilroy. M.Sc.C.Eng. MIET.