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Sinking Feeling Over Pool-Size Decision.

posted 7 Oct 2010, 14:25 by David Gilroy   [ updated 7 Oct 2010, 14:36 ]
Veteran PoolTooSmall supporter and correspondent James Gregory writes:-
SIR-I refer to your article and letters in last weeks Herts Advertiser pertaining to the misleading of residents of the true position of the ASA regarding a 50m pool in St Albans.  

Councillor Donald now proclaims he and his cabinet colleagues have always known that the ASA preferred a 50m pool for St Albans, whose chairman is quoted in your article as believing it would represent better value for money.  I have observed three meetings this year where Councillor Donald has been present or chaired the meeting, where he has allowed his cabinet colleagues and officers both verbally and in reports misrepresent the views of the ASA, without any attempt to correct this falsehood.  

It was only at Full Council in September that Councillor Donald confronted by Councillors Daly and Leach with copies of the ASA’s ‘position statement’ in front of them; sent that afternoon to the council and others, that he was forced to concede the truth.  

In contractual terms the ASA’s true stance would be considered ‘material facts’.  Have therefore, contracts already been broken and the project planning been comprised.  Clearly the Overview and Scrutiny cross party committee and the public have been misled.

 Therefore to proceed further with this project without a full review of all aspects of this scheme, could lead Councillor Donald and his colleagues being in deeper water than they are in already! 


JAMES GREGORY- Tennyson Road, St.Albans.


Herts Advertiser -7th October 2010.