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Snorts of Derision at Council's Herts Advertiser Wrap Round -30th September 2010.

posted 3 Oct 2010, 14:50 by David Gilroy
In the trade an extra outer cover to a main newspaper is called a " wrap round". Ordinary people rarely afford them but the Council can spend any amount of our Council Tax money on their spin on projects like the New Lodge.Last Thursday's has :-
"Presenting a superb new leisure centre for the District".
The wrap round presents in fact a "Superb example of Council Spin , Casuistry and Confidence (Pool ) Trickery".
It's what they haven't told us - how they blundered on the Jewel in the Crown - the Main Pool size,how they ran St.Albans Diving Club out of the City after 30 plus years , losing the flumes and the capital cost of fripperies like the "affordable spa" and the Spin Studio .
At least we know who will use the Spin Studio - the Council author's of the "Wrap Round" - which is where we came in.
More to come.