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S&P Architects Sponsor CoSta Swimming Club

posted 20 Apr 2010, 07:51 by Mike M   [ updated 20 Apr 2010, 12:40 ]
It has come to our attention that the City of St. Albans Swimming Club (CoSta) is sponsored by S&P Architects (there is a link to S&P, explicitly described as a sponsor, on the front page of the CoSta website). S&P Architects are the designers of the new Westminster Lodge project, and as such are contractors for St. Albans District Council.

Mr Peter Simpson of S&P Architects wrote recently to the Herts Advertiser in defense of the new project (see Pool Too Small Responds to New Project Architect), and in his letter he states:

[...] The design was developed through public consultation meetings and has the support of local swimming clubs [...]

Here at PoolTooSmall we have spoken to members of swimming clubs other than CoSta, and they say that as far as they know they have not, as yet, been consulted on the issue of the new pool. We are wondering if perhaps CoSta is therefore the only swimming club who are actively supporting the new 25m pool project, and if this is the case, to what extent this may relate to S&P's sponsorship relationship with CoSta.

As ever, anyone wishing to contact us with any information that could help us clear this up would be most welcome.