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Swimming Pool Controversy Refuses to Go Away - Herts Advertiser 30th September 2010.

posted 30 Sept 2010, 09:10 by David Gilroy   [ updated 3 Oct 2010, 14:42 ]
Coming up here in detail soon - yet more letters and articles all criticising the New Lodge Project .
Click on You will need to register . Otherwise get your hands on a free hard copy , available at the Council Offices ,
and turn to pages 10,11 and 14.
On Page 10  A Dark Future from Mr Matthew Peck , The Cleave , St.Albans.
"The people clamoured at this once in a lifetime opportunity, for a new swimming pool . But the Librerals built one that was too small "
On Page 11 under Swimming Pool Controversy Latest  - 3 letters.
Mr Philip Webster of St.Albans writes :-
SIR-Following Mrs Gregory's letter of September 9 I had hoped that we might see some letters of apology from those Councillors who appear to have been complicit in misinforming the electorate of their discussions with the ASA which ,contrary to the Council's claims, were in favour of a 50 metre pool. Such shameless deception is entirely unacceptable and one now has to query if the individuals concerned still regard themselves as being fit to hold public office"
Also on Page 11 Structural engineer Councillor Mike Wakely of Harpenden weighs in yet again - more soon.
And from "Name and address supplied " a highly critical article on site selection and pool size - more later.
On Page 14 Swim Pool Size Controversy Refuses to go away - more soon on what the ASA actually wanted to see - not the Council's spin on things . More later .