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Theatre Still Going Strong - Hertsad 10 February 2011,page 11.Wrong Spec Wrong Place Wrong Time!

posted 11 Feb 2011, 15:27 by David Gilroy   [ updated 16 Feb 2011, 02:31 ]
PoolTooSmall is delighted that Mr Paul Davidson, Chairman of the Abbey Theatre Trust has replied to David Gilroy's letter to the Hertsad of last week 3rd February 2011. Can the Theatre defy strangulation by the Council's NEWBODGE plan?
Well, so far , thankfully yes. The clock is ticking , but as the Council now realises, it is only ticking for them and no one else - WRONG SCHEME IN THE WRONG PLACE AT THE WRONG TIME!
What is the hurry? The present Westminster Lodge Leisure Centre (WLLC)  has years of life left in it - look at the Old Hatfield Pool built in 1965 , now refurbished and good for another 25 years . The present proposal for the NEWBODGE is currently being condemned or  resisted right across the social spectrum in St.Albans - by  PoolTooSmall, Abbey Theatre, St.Albans Diving Club, Civic Society and various historical and conservation groups and the general public.
Time for SADC to have courage and wisdom -set aside any political considerations and concentrate on the real leisure and aquatic requirements of the people of the City and District  over the next 50 years.
Time now to go back to the drawing board and look again at Council's original first choice site to the west of the present WLLC .The last Government's Eastern Regional Board no longer exists so there is no real impediment to a fresh look, a clean slate and a new centre on that site that meets all our future needs.
It could happen fast - if the political goodwill and courage was there . There is no shame in putting the people first - getting it right is paramount however long it takes!
As a professional senior engineering project manager for over 40 years , I can assure everyone that  there is no prospect whatsoever of this present flawed scheme opening to coincide with the opening of London 2012 Olympics that Summer.
So what is the hurry? There is none.
Time now for everyone to take stock and go back to fundamentals - what is really required to meet the future Leisure and Aquatic needs of the people of St.Albans City and District over the next 50 years ? Definitely and unanimously NOT the NEWBODGE!
Time now for courage and wisdom all round , time for cool heads to step back and realise that for everyone's better future there is no other action required now except SIGN NOTHING and go back to the drawing board. In a few months time we could all be shaking hands on a design which is trusted and respected - then we will all close ranks and drive ahead together.
Eur. Ing. David L. Gilroy. M.Sc. C.Eng. MIET.