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"Timed Sessions" Admission by Council Project Manager!

posted 30 Jul 2010, 03:15 by David Gilroy
How is it that SADC can spend £26.776 million of our money and take me back to the 1950's? At the O&S Meeting on 19th July 2010 the Project Manager admitted that there was a large waterspace deficit in the district generally and at the NWL there could be "timed sessions" . Listen carefully to her statement on on about 1 hour and 9 minutes into proceedings. Having admitted that she recalled timed sessions years before and they blew the whistle for  "red armbands"  ,she then went on to say "It's a management issue and it's down to the management to actually introduce sessions to control and regulate access to maintain health and safety ". 
What a cop out ! This is the final throw of a project team  abdicating it's future responsibility to the people of St.Albans for the service life of the facility .It  is code for "We have blundered on the Lodge Main Pool size and won't admit it for political reasons - so blame the site operator ".
Now please see Hilsea Lido, Portsmouth where I swam and dived (10 metre board ) as a kid in the 1950's.You were given a coloured wristband and when the lifeguard blew his whistle you had to get out of the water if your colour was called.So nothing has changed except the price tag £36k in1935 .
It was 67m long , 18 m wide and 15ft 6 inches deep with a 10 metre diving board ! The Main could accomodate 900 swimmers and more than 1000 spectators. So think bigger and smarter , SADC . If only they'd consulted PoolTooSmall , the frontline operational experts and planners for over 60 years. For the citizens of St.Albans our advice is free but if you like you can go to the agency down the road.
How much did that last SL report cost of July 2010 , Project Manager ? I am still awaiting a reply ?
Hilsea Lido cost 6d adults ,splashpool 1d and parking your bicycle 1d !
Well done SADC , parking bicycles at the Lodge is free !!