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Top Ten! Open Letter to Abbey Theatre - Herts Advertiser 7th October 2010.

posted 8 Oct 2010, 09:34 by David Gilroy   [ updated 19 Oct 2010, 14:32 ]
Ms Rita Swinson writes to Abbey Theatre Company of Ten Chairman Paul Davidson - copy to Cllr Robert Donald , Leader of St.Albans District Council.
SIR-An open letter to Paul Davidson, Company of Ten .
Yesterday I set to and wrote a blistering letter to the Herts Advertiser in which I raged about the careless attitude towards the Company of Ten, both with regard to the recent parking fiasco and to the long running difficulties in respect of the Westminster Lodge development. I had planned to copy it to you and Mr Donald of the council.

I re-read the letter and frankly it depressed me to be writing something so negative ,especially after I had so enjoyed Tuesday’s performance of Hay Fever. What a great cast and set-the final scene was a joy – and the costumes were superb.

I therefore decided that I would be better employed in writing to you in praise of the Company’s continuing presence in St.Albans , providing top class , self supporting entertainment to the theatre-goer. Most towns and cities would be delighted  to have such a long-standing treasure on their doorstep and so I am copying this letter to Herts Advertiser  to reinforce their positive press, which already acknowledges the Company of Ten.

I am also sending a copy of this letter to Mr Donald of the Council. I am not sure why I am doing this.I don’t want to score points , but merely try and stress that something  that is good , hardworking  and enhances society should be supported and cherished .After 70 years , the Company of Ten would leave a big hole if it were to wither now due to neglect from those in positions of local power.

RITA SWINSON  Cambridge Road . St. Albans

Comment by PoolTooSmall.

We agree with Ms Swinson. The Abbey Theatre has , in our view, been treated disgracefully by the Council for several years over the New Lodge scheme .It is not a question any more of scoring points. It is a question , as we have said all along , of sending Council back to the drawing board to  re-think and redesign their totally flawed scheme. It is NOT TOO LATE. No contracts have been signed or should be.
Abbey Theatre – you are not alone. The reason PoolTooSmall was born was to bring about change for the better.We  refuse to be intimidated and misled by a Council that thinks it can bludgeon it’s flawed Lodge scheme through against the people’s wishes.

Here for you 24/7.