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Council Should Engage It's Collective Brain - Hertsad - 28th October 2010.

posted 29 Oct 2010, 04:40 by David Gilroy   [ updated 29 Oct 2010, 14:44 ]
I am delighted to welcome Mr Martin Goodman to the pages of the PoolTooSmall website.
His letter is produced here in full.
SIR-The council should engage it's collective brain. Even during the best of times , a swimming pool that is not fit for purpose is a waste of public money - our money.
 Now, in the worst of times,the decision to progress with this daft plan is senseless. SADC should put its shrinking financial resources where they can provide most benefit for the community it is supposed to serve- by ensuring the hardest hit are housed and fed , rubbish is collected regularly and roads are kept in a good state of repair.
The council should have the courage to put the current expensive ideas on hold , until it can afford to do the job properly. In the meantime, why not  refurbish and extend the existing swimming pool? It will cost much less than this planned folly.
MARTIN GOODMAN St.Peter's Road, St.Albans.
PoolTooSmall comments. Well said Martin - you have packed a huge amount of common sense into just 4 column inches!
As you rightly asked - does the Council have the courage?
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