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Low Level of Satisfaction in District Leisure Facilities.Hertsad Pg 15 Thursday 11 November 2010.

posted 11 Nov 2010, 14:10 by David Gilroy   [ updated 11 Nov 2010, 15:13 ]
Let's take our hats off to Cllr Julian Daly , Chair of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee ,and his committee for asking awkward questions of Council,it's Ruling Party and officers . Read the report by Debbie White at or on hardcopy.
In Debbie's report , only 43% of respondents to a recent survey were happy with facilities.
Cllr Daly said:"We asked for focus groups to find out why there such low satisfaction levels for sport and leisure facilities in the district"
He received no sufficiently adequate answers from councillors or officers at the meeting so , quite rightly, Cllr daly is going to pursue the issue at his next Overview and Scrutiny meeting.
There is an "artist's impression" of the New Lodge in the Hertsad report but there is something missing .
PoolTooSmall will provide the answer soon enough.