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posted 9 May 2011, 12:29 by David Gilroy
Born and bred in the City of St.Albans and a former School governor , Mr Max Schroeder gives the Council's ruling faction what can best be described as a "wideranging shellacking" over the the New Bodge project and other issues. Here it is in full. 

"I find it laudable that Daniel Goodwin (CEO of our St.Alban District Council) should praise his planning committee team for their work on the conjectural leisure centre , whose construction, against the will of the concerned public , is going ahead in the hands of Willmott Dixon.This would in normal circumstances be the Art of Management textbook response by the head of a team who is taking some of the flack for the incompetence of certain Lib Dem councillors who are bludgeoning this “petty” £26.4 Million through. But by doing so he is condoning the public lies/misrepresentation/misinformation born witness in public planning committee  and articles in our local press.Just look at the apologies of Councillors Frearson and Donald given to Mr David Gilroy on PoolTooSmall. This is becoming a public scandal of MP’s expenses proportions. Don’t forget our glorious city of St. Albans will be getting  a swimming pool facility costing a yet to be financed £26. 4 Million , of 8x 25metre lanes when 10x 25 metres has been agreed at one committee meeting as a sop to an 8x 50 metres we should have planned for at the outset.

Dear old Luton Town  has, for the same money, a 50 metre pool with diving facilities.We don’t even have any diving facilities. Yes , maybe a climbing wall to swim up  and some state-of-the art treadmills to increase our lung capacity and leg strength.. An expensive pool floor that goes up and down for these people who have short legs and need a rest every now and again.City rates are capped off at the moment , but wait for the increase if this £26.4 Million of funding is not financed by land sales. Our pockets will notice it- council tenants or house owners.

But there is one thing we can do to partially remedy this and that is to make sure the Lib Dems responsible for this costly , inadequate fiasco ; mainly councillors Brazier, Burton, Donald, Frearson, Harrison and Rowlands are defeated  in the ward elections on May 5th.

Rid us of this planning committee incompetency and cabinet echelons who plainly do not listen to the will of the people and just follow local Lib Dem central government dogma, when we want practical-thinking people guiding us.These people are also responsible for the Beaumont/Breakspear school disasters and the Harpenden Road/Stags Green Belt housing development farce.Like John Prescott, he was voted out, now the same for the mentioned Lib Dem councillors on  May 5th .   

M.Schroeder, Green Lane, St.Albans

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All roads lead to District Council Election Day Thursday 5th May 2011. 
PoolTooSmall has NO political status - we just tell it the way it is.