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What a Pity !

posted 4 Oct 2010, 14:10 by David Gilroy
New correspondent Mr SH of St.Albans writes to PoolTooSmall on our hotline
What a pity the battle for a 50 metre pool seems to have been abandoned.
St Albans seems to have spent its life striving for the mediocre and the battle for 10 over 8 lanes of 25 meters of water seems to exemplify that lack of vision.
In my view recommendations are to be exceeded, expectations surpassed not treated as restrictive.
For once in its history it would have been nice to see St Albans as an extraordinary place, rather than just a place where extraordinary things happened.
How disappointing.
Mr SH.
3rd October 2010.
PoolTooSmall comment. Our position regarding the Main Pool is set out quite clearly in the many hundreds of leaflets we have distributed to the public this year . We have always commended either a 50 metre configurable pool also commended by the ASA , or failing that a 25 metre by 10 lane Main Pool.
The Council's  25 metre by 8 lane Main Pool proposal is third rate and unacceptable and they effectively accepted  that at Cabinet on 10th August 2010. See reports on our website already published.