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posted 2 Apr 2011, 15:08 by David Gilroy   [ updated 2 Apr 2011, 15:34 ]
PoolTooSmall met with Mr RT of St.Albans as he stepped out of our wonderful 33 metre pool having swum 2 miles! So appalled was he by the plans for what in common parlance is called "The Bodge" or "The Newbodge" that he sent the following email to his Councillor.
"To Councillor Zia,
Re Westminster Lodge Leisure Centre Modernisation.
I am exceptionally disappointed at the recent Liberal Democrat decision which has been taken reference Westminster Lodge Leisure Centre.
I do not understand why given the investment in this project why the Westminster Lodge Pool cannot either be 1) Refurbished 2) a 50 metre Pool be built (especially since Luton have managed to achieve this at a lower cost).
Instead you and your party are pressing ahead investing in a pool + leisure
facilities which offer less than what we have at the moment despite significant local opposition.
Before the Liberal Democrat party gained power both Nationally & Locally you have consistently boasted about your ability to listen to the local population. Your performance Nationally (Student Fees)......& Locally since you have
gained power have demonstrated that you have done the opposite. You are a party that can not be trusted for this reason unless the Liberal Democrats seek to over turn this decision I will not only be voting against
your re election I will also be voting against your party's proposal for the AV system ......
I strongly recommend that you and your party re visit the above if they wish
to have any chance of restoring your existing damaged credibility."

PoolTooSmall has no political status but we do tell it as it is!