PoolTooSmall Has No Political Status.

PoolTooSmall is a campaign group having no political status. It was  founded in December 2009 by some concerned residents of St.Albans, with the aim of getting changes made to St.Albans District Council's (SADC's)  flawed plans for the totally  inadequate new Westminster Lodge Leisure Centre. PoolTooSmall now also campaigns, and will do so indefinitely if necessary, for adequate public  leisure waterspace for all,  in the whole of St.Albans City and District. 
We are not and never will be allied to or backed by any political party, and as such we will attempt to bring about change by doing business with whatever ruling faction is in place on SADC.
However, politics and political parties are an unavoidable part of local government, and so it may sometimes be necessary for us to report and comment on what we believe to be politically motivated matters (e.g. see here, here and here).
SADC is currently fully Lib Dem controlled, and has been since 2006 except for no overall control in 2007-2008. However, were this to change  PoolTooSmall  would assess any new ruling faction's actions and policies on this issue only.That is what  PoolTooSmall and it's website is all about.
You can see a summary of how SADC decision making works here.
You can see a list of your local councillors grouped by their political party here.
On Thursday 5th May 2011  the people of St.Albans and District will elect 19 District Councillors - for better or worse. It is not the business of PoolTooSmall to tell you how to vote -but it is our duty to present you with information so that you may vote, if you wish, with this controversial project in mind.
Have SADC done a wonderful job with the NEWBODGE  or is it a £25 Million Poisoned Chalice for our children and grandchildren?  The decision is yours.
On Friday 6th May 2011 the District Council  Election results were announced -see the SADC link below:-
A major change of SADC  governing body the like of which we have not seen in 20 years is now only days away!
All eyes will now be on the outcome of  Mayor Making Night Wednesday 18th May 2011 as power is formally handed over to new SADC management. See https://sites.google.com/a/pooltoosmall.com/live20100301/home
That night the old Cabinet was totally swept away and replaced by  Executive Leader Cllr Julian Daly's slimline Cabinet of 6 with deputy Executive leader and Structural engineer Cllr Mike Wakely. Fast  consultation by them with officers and New Lodge Main contractor Willmott Dixon and we will now have a 10 lane Main Pool within budget - excellent in the circumstances!
Please read our pages and , if you wish to,contact the PoolTooSmall team on newpooltoosmall@ntlworld.com
We are here for you 24/7/365.