What You Can Do

Send your comments and objections to the planning department by post or email (details below).

If you haven't already, you can get some background by reading our list of key points and Dave's questions and answers- and you can read many examples of what others have already written to the planning department on our feedback page.

Any comments or objections you may have to the new leisure centre proposal must be sent to the planning department before 28th April and should quote Case Number 5/10/0259 and include your name, address and postcode.

Post or email your comments and objections to:

Mr A. Moorhouse,
Planning Development Control Dept.,
St.Albans District Council,
Council Offices,
Civic Centre,
St.Peters Street,
St .Albans,

Email: planning@stalbans.gov.uk

We recommend the following

  • Reject St. Albans District Council's planning application now as unfit for purpose - inadequate Main Pool size and a safety and operational nightmare for customers and site operator alike!   We recommend the SADC team go back to the drawing board and do the planning professionally.
  • St. Albans District Council should recruit a professional of chief engineer calibre to do the in-house planning and supervision of such a major project. The public should be provided with a Main Pool able to meet up to 40 years’ demand and population growth.
  • Westminster Lodge users believe a 25 metre by 10 lane pool (177 places) or a configurable 50 metre pool would be far better choices than the current ‘dead in the water already’ 25 metre by 8 lane proposal.

We owe a proper facility to future generations- to our children, our grandchildren and theirs yet to be born.