What You Can Do

Cllr Julian Daly has invited PoolTooSmall to testify to Council's Overview and Scrutiny committee regarding the new Westminster Lodge development on Monday 19th July (see our announcement). Cllr Daly said he would like an opportunity to:

"[...] bring your group's thoughts out into the public, to do them justice; the logical place to do this is at the Overview & Scrutiny committee".

(1) Many of you have already written fantastic letters to Council's planning department stating your views on the new project, and Cllr Daly is aware of these letters. However, in the run-up to the meeting he is also actively seeking input for his committee from anyone with an interest in the matter, so if you feel so inclined please do write to the committee with your views prior to the meeting. Questions and points of view may be put forward in advance of the meeting (to be received on or before Thursday July 15th) either by email or post to:



Ian Seres
Scrutiny support officer
Overview and Scrutiny (Public Services) Committee
Council Offices

Please do also send us a copy at newpooltoosmall@ntlworld.com

(2) Please do attend the meeting on Monday 19th July at 6.30 pm! We will invite The Press, and there will be a briefing and photographs beforehand. There are those in the Council who didn’t want this hearing to take place at all – so do exercise your democratic right to be there.

David Gilroy and Mike Mathison have both agreed to appear at the meeting. Members of the public are welcome to attend. Cllr Daly confirmed the arrangements as follows:

"[...] the meeting is confirmed for 7pm, Monday 19 July, in the Council Chamber. It will be a public meeting- though it is possible that the tail end of the meeting may go into private session if we move onto commercially sensitive aspects of the financing of the current proposals."